Claude Ocean - My soundcloud playlist - Music for the soul


Right now one of the great places in which to promote our music we would have to say that soundcloud is the most popular place on the wed if you are new to the world of music or trying to get your music heard by those who follow your type of music. A playlist on soundcloud is a way everyone can listen to each of your songs in one place, but also the songs of those artists that you like their type of music.

Music for the soul is a selection of all the songs of Claude Ocean but you will also hear the songs of your favorite artists if you are fans of soundcloud.

In this playlist you will find a collection of new beats that are now on top of the popularity of those who are fans of hip-hop, rap music or trap music. In each of the tracks we try to choose the type of beats that people are listening to right now.

Every time you listen to your favorite rap artist or hip-hop beats using the most popular streaming music programs online through the apps we must all accept that each one of them has their pros and cons, but in spite of everything I keep listening many of my songs using a playlist of soundcloud. If you like this playlist, please follow us on soundclaud as a way to support the new artists and the music production work we are doing right now. Your support and opinion is important for each one of us.

Why the creation of the playlist on soundcloud? 

When you do not have much budgets to make a promotion through online advertising, the creation of a playlist on the streaming platform is the best option when money is not available for advertising.

 In the specific case of an artist who takes her first steps in the world of music such as Claude Ocean is to make known her music on Soundcloud that should make the most of what this digital platform offers.

playlist on soundcloud

A digital platform like soundcloud which you can have free access or paying monthly to listen and upload all kinds of music. It is a place where you can also find thousands of music producers of different genres and sub-genres such as: Tracks Music, instrumental or beats, different music genre styles as popular as hip hop, trap, reggeaton, Pop music, Alternative rock, House music between many other genres which would be difficult to mention all of them now.

If you are a lover of good music in which diversity in the sounds and quality of the samples and digital instrument used to create different sounds this place is for you.

Soundclaud offers new hip hop, rap, trap producers a chance to make their music known to everyone who is a soundcloud user. Some producers whose quality in the beats is excellent and in some cases higher than the one you listen to on the platform that streams online music, but also you find producers whose quality in the beats is not very good compared to others who have more experience producing beats for soundcloud.

Some artists that we know at the moment owe their popularity to soundcloud. That's why I think that for a new artist like Claude Ocean to promote her songs on soundcloud is a good strategy. When an artist has talent, usually listening to their work is something that all the fans discover when they listen to one of their productions.

But like all platforms that stream music as an artist or producer, you must promote your playlist to other music producers, as well as soundcloud users who visit this digital platform so that your songs, instrumentals, beats, loops can be heard by a more number of fans online.

Claude Ocean his musical line is directed to a general public, regardless of the age of the people which is centered on the soft melody of their songs and the social and emotional content of the lyric in their musical productions. If you are a lover of hip-hop, rap and RnB emotionally directed towards the soul Claude Ocean writes especially for you.

Each of his songs also has a social message that calls for the reflection and understanding of human nature in which is important in each of his compositions. The softness and beauty in the melodies is one of the reasons for the popularity of many of his songs in which the harmony in the tones of music fill the soul of the listener with a tranquility that we all look for in some moments of our life.

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