My spotify playlists

my spotify playlists

If you are a new artist in the world of music, one of the easiest ways to make known what you can offer as an artist, producer, singer or songwriter, no matter the genre of spotify music should be the place to be. you. At the same time when you want to listen to your favorite artists, visit any type of programs that stream music on the internet.

 Whether through your computer, tablet or smart phone using the different apps that give music fans the opportunity to listen, but also be aware of what is happening right now with their favorite artist and at the same time listen the music that people are demanding right now.

My spotify playlist - Claude Ocean: All favorite romantic songs

If you are a fan of the most important music genres like Hip hop, R & B, Reggeaton, Dembow, Trap music, Pop music, rap music and alternative music using streaming music programs is the place for you. In my particular case spotify is the place for me when I want to listen to those songs that are at the top of charts of the 100 most popular songs at this time on all digital radio stations that are in streaming music market.

My spotify playlist - Time for the heart

One way to be in contact with your favorite songs and artist is to use different artist playlists which will give you the facility to listen to your favorite song each time you visit this streaming music station as spotify. Here I leave some of my favorite playlist in spotify as a way to share it with each one of you.

My spotify playlist - Egonard beats

One of the great things offered by the playlists in spotify is that you can customize it according to your personal taste, but you can also promote it so that others enjoy your playlist. If you are a fan of Latin, North American, tropical, commercial or instrumental music, you can make a playlist that meets your needs as a fan of good music no matter what your favorite music genre or artists whose music fills your personal taste .

My spotify playlist - Nadia Kassidy

Another great thing about building your own spotify playlists is that you can share them with your fans, followers, friends, and why not in each of the most popular social networks right now that people are following like Facebook, Twitter, blogger , Instagram, and many more that are popular in the market, when we talk about being permanently in contact with the public and what is happening in the world of music.

When you listen to your music on your smart phone through one of the most popular applications right now like spotify, which you can download to your mobile device to enjoy the new songs of your favorite artist in the stores on the internet that offer these apps free.

My spotify playlist - R&B Sound for the soul

You can visit directly the different programs like spotify that offer music on the internet and download the application from that place as a way to be sure that we are receiving the service that you expect from this type of radio station on the internet that will stream music to the public, but also you can download music and create playlists of your favorite songs that keep you always listening all the time to your favorite songs through your headphones.

If you are a lover of romantic music, songs that invite you to dance or simply seek to listen to those melodies that make you remember the most pleasant moments of your life, in each of these playlists you will find your favorite songs in which you can also listen the artists who are currently at the peak of popularity. Also you will find in each of these playlists the songs the week's most popular songs across all genres, ranked by radio airplay as they are Top 100 Songs | Billboard Hot 100 Chart | Billboard according to my particular taste and what people are listening to right now.

One by one, step by step : Nadia Kassidy

My spotify playlist - Greatest hits that nobody knows

How difficult is it to make yourself known when you are an independent artist in the world of music? It is a response that many new artists would like to know when they release their first single or their first album.

No matter how good your music production is if you do not have followers or fans who know your music nobody will listen to your songs no matter how much time you used to launch your music production.

In this playlist in spotify is made a compilation of songs and artists that nobody knows, but for the quality in its production and interpretation of the singers it is good to make it known to the public.

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