Nadia Kassidy - Playlist - Soft music of all Kinds


Everyone likes good music listening to new songs using a playlist in soundclaud is the best place to listen to your favorite artist. In this playlist I made an accumulation of many of the most popular romantic songs in this time that are in trend in this platform for new artists as it is soundclaud, but also in each of the places that stream music on the internet that are so popular right now, using smartphones through an application or apps.

For me, particularly using this soundcloud platform to listen to my favorite music is something that I value very much. Reasons why I recommend to my fans to listen to each of the songs that are selected in this playlist in soundclaud whose name is "Soft music of all kinds".

Playlist, which I hope everyone who simply wants to have a good time listening to their favorite artist and why not to support new artists who are trying to get attention by producing a different kind of music.

On that side as a new artist in the market, using what soundcloud offers is something I am trying to get the most out of as artists, but also as people who consume music at every moment, no matter what style or genre they prefer.

Nadia Kassidy - My playlist on Spotify

Having a playlist on spotify is something that all famous or unknown artists have to do if you want to broaden the base of those who listen to music on the platform that streaming music now. Nadia Kassidy as artists, writers and songwriters of their songs use these digital music platform as a need to make their music known to a wider audience.

 One way that music fans have access to your online music is through digital platforms such as Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music, Shoutcast, iHeart Radio and Spotify by mentioning some digital platforms where you can listen and download music by paying a monthly fee , although some offers a free version with ads.

Creating a playlist spotify is the best way to publicize and promote your music in these services that stream music to the general public. Right now all people use some kind of digital platform to listen to their favorite music, reasons why as artists is the place for you.

On that side I am presenting a playlis right now, where Nadia Kassidy's best songs are included, but also those artists' songs that are currently in popularity are included if you are a hip hop lover and RnB music.

If you are fans of romantic music, music for the soul, for the heart at this time in this playlist of spotify you will find songs that will fill your heart, but you will also have a good time listening to the songs of your favorite artists. Beyoncé, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Drake, Katy Perry, Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B all these artists have something in common and they all have playlist on spotify to promote their songs and albums.

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