What should you follow as an artist: your own creativity or the music that is commercially produced?

your own creativity or the music that is commercially produced

There are many ways to be recognized as artists in the music market when you are new to the world of music. When you make music you must take into account your own creativity, collaborating with other artists or producers or imitating the type of melody and lyric that is selling in the market at that time if you want to be recognized in the music market. Whatever your method will determine your success as an artist.

If you want to be successful in the music market, as artists you do not produce, write and interpret music for yourself, all you do is thinking about the fans who follow you the music and the genre that is in trend in the market. But that does not mean that your personal style is not present in your way of singing, writing songs or producing music for other artists and yourself.

As artists, each of the sounds, lyrics, phrases, beats and style of music is almost always associated with your level of talent, knowledge of music theory, experience, but also in your creativity and the confidence you have in yourself.

For new artists in the market to create music that are in trend the market of those who listen to music is a sure way to achieve success. On the other hand, the artists who really remain in the market for a long time in the music business are those artists whose music they produce and write is the product of their artistic creativity.

When talking about the creation of the perfect melody, the lyrics that reach the hearts and bodies of the fans, only your creativity can produce that song in your capacity to visualize the story you want to tell in each verse, but also in the type of combination of sound and musical instruments that you choose to produce that song that is in your mind.

When you talk about music you should follow your musical instinct and let the sounds tell you where the music you are writing is going. Being successful as a singer, music producer, song writer is only achieved by doing it every day of your artistic life. Not every singer has the ability to write, much less to compose the melody of a song, but that does not mean that they can not print their personal style in the production of a song or album.

Sometimes as artists we see the success that many singers, songwriters and music producers have, but we fail to understand the time, effort, publicity strategy and economic support that is behind this success. Reasons why we try to sing, write and produce music imitating that famous artist whose songs are on top of billboards of music in the world market.

From my point of view as an artist you are afraid of being yourself and do not trust your ability to create sounds that are of the public's taste now. Which is a mistake. You really can not predict what the audience's reaction will be to a style of music that they have never heard. When you are new to the music market, maybe your unique style of singing, composing, writing songs and playing a particular instrument is the reason behind your success as an artist. Being unique can be the path to success for you.

Do not take the music as a personal reflection of what you believe what you are and how you express it, if you want to achieve success as an artist. The music should be seen as a business in which when you stand in front of your audience in an ecenary you are represented an artistic product that with your performance is filling the expectations of the fans who pay to listen to your songs and receive you with joy when you are singing in a concert.

As a male or female singer, feeling and living the lyric of a song is something that you have to master to gain the respect of your fans. When recording a song it is not a question of what you think as a person is what you believe as artists and how the melody and lyric of a song can give you the opportunity to win the public's recognition. In a few words you must make a distinction between the person you are and the artists that the public expects  for when choosing the lyrics of a song. It depends on you what type of artist you would like to be in front of the public and for yourself.

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