If you are an artist that nobody knows in spotify

artist that nobody knows in spotify

Every artist always tries to make known to the public each of their best musical productions, or their best songs, but also tries to establish a type of image in front of the public that fulfills the expectations of their fans. But for all this to happen, first: an artist must gain the trust, preference and familiarity of the public through the message in the lyrics and the harmonious beauty in the melody in each of the songs produced, interpreted or written by this artist or band group. Second: an artist must have a good advertising budget to make the music known to the public.

Being a famous artist is not an easy task right now in which the high cost of advertising makes it impossible for artists that nobody knows to reach a reasonable level of people who discover their music in digital media streaming music, but also in those platforms digital players that sell, download and distribute music. In the world of music, fame has its price and one of the reasons why many artists have not had the opportunity to be discovered is the lack of economic support in the impulse of their artistic career.

One of the strategies for those artists without economic support that nobody knows a good option would be to create in spotify and another music platform that allows playlists that include each of their most popular songs. The creation of a playlist or playlists is what brings together those songs of artists that nobody knows right now, but that in the future would become names that we can all recognize in the future and we would listen to their top billboard songs as the hits number one , as a market strategy to make its music known to a wider public.

Of course, we must recognize that each of artists that nobody knows interprets or follows different music genres, therefore they are directed to a different audience, but that is not a reason not to create a playlist that includes all musical genres under a musical concept that integrate everything together as a market strategy to break the monopoly that currently exists in the world of music in which we always listen to the same name artists no matter how good or bad the type of music they are producing ..

All the artists who are now famous when they started their career as an artist nobody knew them. What is the reason for its popularity now? The answers are summarized in several words; interpretative quality, good musical production and economic support. For your name to be known by the public and for each of your songs to be heard on the digital platforms, this is only possible using advertising strategies that reach a public is not available to artists that nobody knows.

male artist that nobody knows in spotify

This is only possible if a large number of artists take control of a collective advertising strategy with the participation of each of them, as a way to make themselves known as a group through a playlist that includes one or several songs that they consider as a song potential to become a hit of music starting from the music trend that now exists in preference in those who listen to music on the platform that streams music, but also on social networks.

Many people or music fans are tired of listening to the same songs in radio programming all the time. I also think that, many people are eager to hear new artists that offer new sound to the general public. Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, Slacker Radio, and TuneIn give you the opportunity to reach a larger audience if you take advantage of what this platform can offer you as an artist.

Although we will focus mostly on Spotify playlist as a platform to publicize the music that will be included in the playlist that I am gathering from an artist that nobody knows, the other musical media we should recognize are important, which we should also use. If the fans can recognize your name or listen to your songs on this platform, using a playlist as the main source that offers music to the public, we can say that we are on the right track, using an advertising strategy that benefits the artists and band that nobody known.

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