The most popular playlist in spotify right now

most popular playlist in spotify right now

Right now if you want to listen to your most preferred songs listen to a playlist any platform that streaming music online is your best app. For me in particular, spotify is one of my favorite platform that I release online music that I like the most as a fan of good music. That is one of the reasons why I am offering you one of the most popular playlist that is being listened to by those who listen to music on your smart phone, tablet or computer using the apps that streaming music.


One of the great advantages offered by the different apps that allow streaming music right now, is that no matter the region where you live, whether in the United States, Brazil, Europe or India you have the opportunity to listen to the type or genre of music that you like. In many a playlist of a streaming app as spotify gives you the opportunity to gather all the songs that are the most popular according to your taste as music fans. As a lover of music I am offering you this playlist whose name is New Indie July  which I hope you like.

Top chart pops Music 

No matter what people think the genre of pop music is something that will always be in view of the fans who love this style of music as the kind of music that brightens the environment, but also always you will have a good time no matter the place where you listen to this genre of music so popular right now. Reasons why this playlist of pop music is suitable for those who raise their spirits, but also move their bodies to the rhythm of music.

Time For The Heart

Despite the popularity of hip hop rap or the music of trap, there are still millions of people who like music that is inspired by the feelings of the type of music that speaks to the soul, reasons why romantic music has millions of followers on digital platforms such as spotify.

Time for the heart is a type of playlist that will speak to the heart, but also create in you a sense of tranquility when listening to each of the tracks with romantic mood that this collection of songs offers the listener. If you are lovers of romantic hip-hop or RnB sound, this playlist is for you.

Ultimate Indie -  Playlist on spotify

For many artists who do not have the financial support of the major music labels, be part of a playlist in which the most popular are included reasons why the indie playlist is for you. spotify is the place where you can listen to the most popular songs right now of those label that can be considered as independent. Indie playlist is one of which has more followers on the platform than streaming as spotify.

  If you listen to all the songs and artists that are part of this unique playlist, you will discover that many of your singers, rappers, rock bands and hip hop performers are included in this playlist which gathers a group of independent artists that have a certain level of popularity in the music market right now, including those who are on the billboard mole right now, but they are also the most streaming artists on spotify.


Whatever your preference when talking about music you should always understand that at this moment only using online apps it is possible to listen to all your favorite artists, each one of them popular artists who are in the top of the billboards right now. Using an application it is easy to be connected and listen to your favorite artist right now and the digital platform that streaming music is the place indicating online to listen to those songs that are the most preferred by the public that consumes music now.

Hip Hop playlist - RAPcaviar

When we talk about hip hop and rap music we have to say that right now it is one of the most popular genre of music in all the digital platforms that stream music. If you take the numbers of the billboards, but also the streaming of millions of listeners in spotify and iTunes play in the latest album of Drake "Scorpion" which is exceeding all expectations. When we talk about the genre of hip hop, we must say that the kind of music that fans are listening to right now.

Nicki Minaj, Murda Beatz, Wiz, Khalifa, Post Malone, SAD !, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Zacari, Ty Dollar $ ign, Justine Skye, Swae Lee, and Rich The kid are some of rappers or hip-hop performer that you You will find in this playlist right now. Believe me! For some reason when we talk about rap music this playlist is what the fans are paying attention right now in this music streaming platform as spotify.

As a lover of music you have to understand that in spotify you will find thousands of playlist different that has all genres and music style. But also the songs and albums of the most popular performers or singers, most popular artists, groups, bands, duos, more streaming songs at this time and also songs of the best decades of popular music of those years especially the songs of the years 60, 70 and 80. Decades in which pop music, RnB, Rock roll, Gospel music, Folk music, Funk, and Soul music in the most popular at that time.

If you are a fan of the style of music that is in trend right now (Hip hop, Country music, Drum and bass, Rapper, Jazz, K-pop,) there are many playlist that will fulfill your expectations as a fan of music. Of course, when choosing a playlist, you must be sure that the artists, genres, moods and songs that you hope to listen to include a playlist as a favorite if you are a spotify user.

k-Pop Daebak - Playlist on spotify

If you're a pop music lover, we should say that Korean artists and bands have put this genre to another level when it comes to pop music style, which is one of the most popular genres in South Korea right now. Each of the songs and artists in this spotify playlist are the most popular at this time in all parts of the world who are fans of k-pop music.

I particularly like the music of the BlackPink group for its unique singing style which has millions of monthly listeners on the spotify platform. Those who released their last album DDU-DU DDU-DU which has more than 220 million visits on YouTube until now. If you are a fan of k-pop music this playlist is for you.

When choosing a playlist on a platform that streams music as spotify some of the things that should be taken into account in how often this playlist is modified or include new songs, but also the number of songs and time of duration of the playlist other things to keep in mind is that one of the requirements to listen to any playlist without uninterruptedly your must pay a monthly plan on spotify otherwise you will have to choose the free option which offers adds there every half hour.

Bollywood Top 50

When we talk about such popular artists who have millions of fans like: Zack Knight, Jasmin Walia, Aestha Gill, Badshah, Amaal, Fazilpuria, Hardy Sandhu, A.R. Rahman, Dr Zeus, Randhawa Zora, DIVINE, Raja Kumari, Sharib Toshi and Fatech are some examples you will find in this playlist in which the fans decided which are the most favorite track and this playlist is a sample of that.

A type of playlist in which the 50 tracks that are most listening right now in India are at the hand of the fans of type of music and artists that are the most popular right now. Whatever your genre of popular music or traditional Indian music in this playlist you find those songs that fans are listening to on the music streaming platform.

Whatever your preference is as fans of music, no matter the genre, region of the world, languages that you speak or age and the way you listen to it, I hope that each of the playlist I am presenting has found the type of tracks that catches your attention. If for some reason your favorite artists is not included in some of these playlist let me know, as a way to make a playlist especially for you.

Upcoming Train - freestyle beats instrumentals

If for some reason it's time to listen to the beat that I'm working on right now for a rap artist who expects the best of me as a music producer. In this video you can listen to a track with a different style of aligning the drums, but also the emotion it produces when the hurry is part of our lives and this beat produces in those who hear it feeling that something is happening. As you must suppose for this beat to be part of some playlist there is a lot to do when we listen to this beats right now.

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