As artists things you should think before entering the music business

Things we should think before entering the music business

The good quality of sound in the instruments, a good tuning, unique sound, an artist that dominates some music instrument, a melody that creates interest, an excellent music production, and an impeccable image of the artist. But also the consistency in the interpretation of a song, the beauty and power in the voice of the singer are characteristics that all the fans recognize, appreciate or applaud when they listen to a song for the first time. These are some of the things that you should think about when entering the music business.

No matter how big your budget is when promoting your career as an artist, if you do not have the necessary talent it is something that the fans will discover immediately. You can deceive yourself, but never the fans who judge your musical talent all the time in your recordings, but also in your presentations in public. We all have the ability to interpret a song, others have the ability to write a song, but there are also those who can produce the most beautiful melody and some are good when we talk about promotion and management of an artist.

 Every so often the scene appears artists who are good in all aspects of the world of music. Before entering the world of music, discover what your strengths are and what your weak points are. What are the real reasons to enter the world of music? The search for fame, get rich quickly, the recognition of others should not your main reasons, other than the love of music. Learn to exploit your strengths and you will succeed in the music business if you are persistent in your goals as an artist.

When you decide to enter the world of music, discovering if you have the talent to enter the music business is a personal decision that only you know. Ask for advice from those who really know the business would be your best strategy when making any decision. Being recognized by millions of fans is a difficult task, no matter what the appearance tells you and the fantasies of social networks promote right now. We all dream of being artists, but very few of us achieve this dream.

Some artists never conquer the world of music because they do not have the necessary talent, others simply have not had the opportunity to be discovered. Which of them are you really? That nobody until this moment has not discovered your work this means the lack of talent, simply you have not learned to promote your work correctly or do not have the economic and human resources for that. As artists that nobody knows, when you promote your songs you have a greater opportunity to be discovered and your work recognized by the fans now that before the social networks appeared.

I am from what I believe in the innovation of artists. but also in those artists who dare to be authentic in their music productions. I also believe that many people prefer to listen to an excellent performance no matter if an artist is known or not. But how to make this possible is a challenge that exists in the world of music right now. There are many digital distribution platforms, download and sell songs online that help promote your product. But what is the best market strategy for your songs to reach a larger audience? To know this answers, we must consider what you offer and look for as artists.

To discover your audience, first an artist must know the type of product you are offering. For this to happen, the artist must recognize its potential, but also its limitations. What is the genre of music that best suits your voice, but also to your musical taste. An artist should not interpret a genre that they do not like musically. An artist should consult with specialist in the music market to understand what are the real possibilities of success starting from the genre of music chosen and how popular is that genre of music right now with the fans, promoters of radio stations and DJs in parties. Planning and market strategy that costs money.

distribution an streaming of online music

Now let's talk about distribution of online music now 

The time to get to know your music by giving away CDs at concerts, discos and social festivities is over. Now everything is a matter of managing distribution of digital music through the internet to reach a greater audience in days, but in weeks with the appropriate advertising strategy based on your budget.

TuneCore, CD Baby, Ditto Music, MondoTunes, LANDR, Reverbnation are some of the most popular music distributors now. If you are an independent artist, these music distributors offer different prices, percent of sales and free plans, for the distribution service they offer is something you should consider before using the pros and cons of their services.

How does the music reach the ear of the fans now?

It is something that has revolutionized the music market in recent times and you as artists should consider it. All your music is in the music catalogs of some music streaming platform for the public. As artists you do not have to count on the announcers and DJ in a radio station so that your music can be heard by the public.

SiriusXM Internet Radio, Slacker Radio, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal and Google Play Music are the most popular streaming platform right now. Things that you should take into account when trying to establish a market strategy to reach a greater number of fans who know and enjoy your music. Simple! How far you can get as artists will depend on you and the human effort and economic investment that you put to achieve your goals as an artist.

Let's talk about what success means to you?

As an individual, success is having a good job, having a nice woman and a car of the year and the appreciation of the people around. But, when you are an artist, the word success has a different meaning in which your success depends on how much you work to achieve it and how persistent you are to keep it when you reach it. One thing is success and another thing is fame. Fame is what others look at you, success is what you value as important to you.

Your goals as artists should never be the goals of your fans, your life style should never be the lifestyle they expect from you, but neither should you see your happiness through the eyes of your followers. Never see your projects as a producer, songwriter, singer or promoter through the limitations that others try to impose on your dreams or work.

Consistency, persistence, and dedication are words that should be behind every project that puts your attention. A huge amount of friends who praise you is not a sign of success. Value those who are with you in your highest moments, but also in your lowest moments. Try to always do those things that really make you happy.

How do you create a fan base that really listens to your music? 

It is these fans who look for the meaning of each of the lyrics of your songs, but also understand the reasons behind the melody in each song that you release to the market. A fan is someone that you have to win it with the type of music that you produce but also in the way you treat it, as you handle it in front of each of them is important as an artist, but also as a person.

fan that really listens to your music

Your fans are your biggest motivators, but also your best critic when you launch a musical production that does not fulfill the expectations of your fans. They are those who defend you when someone criticizes your work, but they are also the first to complain when you are disappointed with a poorly produced album, but also when your image as an artist leaves a bad impression.

Building a fan base takes time, it does not matter if one of your videos has a million hits or one of your songs is finally included in billboard numbers of music. Many of the people who saw your video and commented on your music are not really fans of you as artists. A fan is someone who cares about the type of music that you produce, follow it, enjoy it but also defend it and recommend it.

As an artist you have to manage your fans to give the important to what they want from you as artists, the kind of music they are willing to listen to, but also you have to treat them well all the time, for each of them they are your fans. Those who care about you when they do not hear your names, or your songs are not at the peak of popularity are really your fan base. Cultivate, motivate and keep it as your fans is your obligation as an artist.

Whenever you can, respond to the positive or negative comments of your fans. Do not be afraid to treat each of them with love and respect when communicating with them, to inform them about your activities artists, concerts, new record production. In some cases as artists, you are grateful for the loyalty of your fans and followers. When you respond to one of your fans, you should take into account that many fans will read the way you express, interest and importance that you give to the questions of this particular fan. As an artist you must give a reason to a fan to follow you. In a few words you have to show love for your fans.

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