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If for some reason you are a music producer, especially when we talk about hip hop, a way to be different is to make hip hop beats that reaches a wider audience is to dare to produce melody that a part of the population wants to listen to. But at this moment this does not happen within the same genre of hip hop, while we only see young people as the market to conquer.

Produce a kind of soft music with a romantic message in which the melody is one of the reasons to listen to a song, not the beat of drums, hats, 808s and snares is not something that music producers are doing right now and much less talk about producing RnB music.

According to my point of view the way to produce different music is creating sounds, beats, loops and mix of sound that nobody has heard before. This is where the creativity of a good hip hop producer must use imagination to create a product different from what people are used to listening to on all platforms that stream music online.

As a producer we have the habit of producing a kind of music that people want to listen to right now. Right now one thing that all producers of hip hop and trap music have is that they sound the same and the worst of all is that they use the same sample in all productions.

Can romantic music, soft sound for the soul and the heart come back to be popular with the fans of music in general on digital platforms that distribute, download and music streaming as spotify? All of that will partly depend on what kind of music is trending now. When we see the genres or types of songs that are at the top of the billboard for romantic music, the age and sex of the fans who prefer a particular genre of music gives us an idea of ​​what is happening in the music market now .

We can not blame the hip hop and trap music producers who are directing their music production to a young audience, when we all know that the young people in the market are the ones who want to use the streaming music platforms right now. As a producer of hip-hop and trap music you can not count only on African-Americans to conquer the American market. As a producer you have to create music that blows the market, but also the kind of fans that may like the type of music that you produce.

 Nor can we blame the big production companies and recollect music label if they do not want to invest money in a product that the market is not demanding now in a style of music that people are not listening to. But, I believe that the producers of music if they create a sound or beats that catches the attention of the fans does not matter if it is soft music or for music to dance and make people happy this type of music will be accepted by the consumers.

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