Why have a playlist on spotify or Soundcloud is not enough?

playlist on spotify or Soundcloud

Right now there is a lot of way how to expand the amount of fans who follow your music with the right advertising strategy. But for this to happen you must do the necessary steps to make this happen. Having a playlist on spotify or soundcloud is not a guarantee of anything if you do not support the promotion of this online playlist with your effort.

If you are a new artist that is trying to open a space in the music market, do not handle your artistic career betting on luck or the millions of fans who are fans of a particular artist who may like your style of music. Believe me! Nobody achieves fame from one day to the next with just wanting it. To achieve the fame that you are looking for, as well as artists, singers, rappers or music producers, getting to know you should always be your first priority. If nobody knows you, nobody will listen to your tracks.

Coldchains beats on spotify

 As artists with the popularity of digital platforms that stream music as spotify and soundcloud online, one of your songs becomes part of the most popular playlist, which has millions of followers would be your best dream to promote your artistic career through of these playlist. The problem is to know the way that those who manage these playlist get to hear your song, but especially that they include in them.

I have the belief that it is much easier to promote a playlist created by you, than to expect some of your songs to be included in the playlist from the millions of followers on spotify and soundcloud that we can say are the most popular right now. Social networks and the promotion of this playlist within the followers that are users of these platforms that streaming music should be the place to promote your playlist.

In many cases, if your budget allows it to promote the playlist created by is your best option if you want your songs to reach a much wider audience. Promote your creation artists is the safest way that your tracks are heard on spotify and soundcloud at this time. There are thousands of artists who are trying to make themselves known in the music market, when the opportunity comes to you, you should take advantage of it.

Besides create a playlist on spotify and soundclaud to mention the most popular digital platforms right now, upload videos on YouTube is necessary to expand the fan base that support your musical project.

As I said before creating a playlist on a digital platform where your songs are included is not enough if you do not know or use the necessary strategies for users of these platforms to get to know the playlist created by you. Do not wait for users to find your playlist. It is your job to show your playlist to users, who may in the future become a music fan.

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