A cheaper way to download and listen to your favorite music online

way to download and listen to your favorite music online

Right now there are dozens of online digital platforms in which you can listen to your favorite music. What would be the best for you? All that will depend on your budgets, the type of apps that you are using and the genre of music that you like the most. When talking about listening to download or listening to your favorite music, online stores are places to visit.

Right now Spotify, Google play music, Itunes music and Tidal would be the names of the companies that come online music that come to your attention. In my case in particular, I prefer a less popular music platform, which is why I use the bandcamp services a lot to listen to my favorite artists. But it also gives me the opportunity to sell and make known my music to those who like my style of producing music and to interpret my songs.

Whatever your favorite music style (Hip hop, Country music, Soul music, Pop rock or independent music to mention a few), I'm sure that in bandcamp you will find what you are looking for and more when you can freely listen to the songs that most you like them.

In bandcamp there is a huge amount of artists, music group, music band, and different music style, which also makes this place to find artists who are trying to make known their names in the world of music. Bandcamp is a good place to discover new talent in the area of production, composition and interpretation of music.

As a music producer right now I am promoting several artists such as Claude Ocean and 2coldchainz ft. Nadia Kassidy on the albums that I am presented to each one of you right now. Artists who are quite talented as artists, music writers, beats producers and rappers, artists who use this platform to sell their music to the general public at a reasonable price, but also as an online store to expand their audience.

If you are a lover of soft music such as R & B soul music the album, "If you change your mind", recorded by Claude Ocean would be for you. On the other hand if you are a fan of hip hop music because the style of rapping in the lyric you like to listen to the album, "Please do not go", recorded by 2coldchainz ft. Nadia Kassidy would be good for you. What I am presenting right now are several talented artists in the genres of music that are trending right now. If we pay attention to The Billboard 100 chart ranks the top 100 songs of the week in which hip-hop / rap is on top.

listen to your favorite music online

When we talk about artists like Claude Ocean and the talente that 2coldchainz has when we talk about his particular rapping style verses in a track, we must say that we are facing two great artists who put their hearts and talent at the service of their fans. I have always believed that a way to present to the public in general when the artists released a great album to the market in presenting it to the public in all the digital platforms of music distribution that exist online right now.

As artists, we must all recognize that we are exposed to criticism and praise from those who follow our career in the world of music. Both Claude Ocean and 2Coldchainz always like to hear what their fan can say about the product they show to the market in which the quality of the melody and the message of the lyrics, for a lot of fans is something they always take into account when they listen to a song

With much gratitude each one of these artists asks their followers to carefully listen to each of the tracks on each album and offer their honest opinion or comment on what they are listening to. What do you like? That they did not like the album? What things should be improved in upcoming songs releases? What kind of lyric and beats would you like to hear? What song was your favorite? What was the song you least like? Each of the responses the artists will take as feedback as a way to improve what is wrong and enrich what is good, because what the public thinks is important for each one of them.

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