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cold child lyrics

For some reason we all try to follow the music that is in trend, in this collection of songs you will find a group of songs whose singers many of us know, but also many artists who have had little opportunity to listen to their music. In this playlist in spotify we change a bit the way we choose the songs, reasons why we have focused more on lyric in each track than in the style of music.


It is possible that you are a lover of romantic music, songs of protest or social content and those songs that speak of our experience as human beings we all have. For us that is the reason behind the selection in each of these songs. Each track was chosen by us apart from the beauty in each performance of the artists who performed each of these songs, the high quality of the melody of the music is something that will surprise you, but also the message in each of the verses in the lyrics of each song.

If you are lovers of soft music those that reach the heart, but also enriches our soul, each of the songs in this collection will be part of you when you get used to listening to all these songs in your moments of spiritual tranquility. Find a quiet place in the house or if you are working in your office, making a long trip on the roads and need a type of music that does not rush you into your work, believe me.

 Each of these songs will be your constant companion all the time you want to be in touch with your spirit, but also with what surrounds you. Cold child lyrics is more than a group of songs selected by us is something that we have all been waiting for all the time.

There are many moments in your long day in which you would like to escape from the stress that life produces every moment. For me, particularly listening to good music at a speed that does not disturb my heart is one of my answers to the tension of life. When we carefully chose each song the emotional state of those who will listen to this collection of songs was something that was always in our mind when choosing each song.

Good music is available to all of us and more when through a smart phone you can listen to your favorite music of the singer you follow. Sometimes we would like to have all the songs in one place, this is where the playlist is the best option for you. For many of us more than the type of songs and popularity of a particular artist we are looking for songs with a certain mood which calms at that moment what we are feeling, but also a kind of mood that we would like to feel through the lyric and melody of a song and this playlist was made to fill that need.

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