Some tricks to be a famous figure in social media right now

a female artist singing on the stage

For some reason right now there is an explosion in social networks in which there are millions of people who are trying to achieve fame using these online social media as their main tool to achieve their personal aspirations. The popularity of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and snapchat to name a few are the vehicle chosen by all those who want to be a famous figure at this time.

There are also millions of people, institutions, entrepreneurs, promoters and advertisers who use social networks to expand their market base through advertising strategies that reach the millions of users who visit these social media at all times. But with proper strategy, charisma, budget, a certain talent, a lot of desire and smart phone you can be a famous figure in these social networks as well.

One of the many questions you should know are: What is the reason why you want to be a famous figure? Would you like to be popular to please your friends, your family, your girlfriend or girlfriend? Would you like to be famous because you have some artistic talent and want to promote it? What kind of service do you want to sell on social networks as a way to earn money? Depending on your answer to each of these questions will give you an idea of the reason behind your desire to be a famous figure. One way to succeed in what we do is to know the reasons behind the search for that success for us.

When we know the reasons behind our desire to be famous, we must make an analysis of which social network is the most appropriate taking into account our strategy, personal skills and economic limitations to use as our vehicle to make known. How good are you in front of a camera? How good are you with the talent you want to promote? Physically consider you an attractive person? What kind of personality do you have? What previous experience do you have in the topic that you want to promote? But above all, how much time do you have available for social networks? YouTube is different from Facebook, in the same way Twitter is different from Instagram. Each social network operates differently and in many cases it is directed to different audiences.

For you to be able to use the necessary tricks to be a famous figure in the first social networks you must know their use and applications, requirements to use it, what not to do and what to do in them, the skills you need as a user in each of them to be successful and which is the most appropriate for you if you want your name to be famous by creating a personal or business account in any of them. The only thing they all have in common is that they are free in which the only requirement is a mail account. In the cases of Instagram and snapchat an active phone is necessary.

Each of the social networks or social media has an excellent use and a bad use, based on what you are looking for in each of them. If you are a singer, music creator, you are good at editing video or just want to show what is happening around you, YouTube is for you. If you want to maintain a direct contact with your friends, family and share what you are doing, Facebook is your best option. If you have social, political, environmental, personal and business concerns, without much effort Twitter is for you. If you are good at photographic images using a camera on your smart phone and you want to show who you are, what you do or what you like to do, this is where Instagram is for you.

To be a famous figure in any social network or social media, some necessary tricks or things you should know to be successful according to my point of view are: a) choose to do something that you really love doing. b) Choose who your followers will be. c) What does your offer that they have interest in seeing or consuming? d) Be persistent in your message. e) Pay attention to your followers. f) Always try to offer quality content (videos, photographs, news, etc). g) Establish reasonable long and medium term goals. h) Plan your personal or business strategy before opening the account.

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