What is the best place online to listen to your favorite song?


Right now there are many online music platforms that allow you to listen to your most favorite songs, either paying a monthly fee or free depending on the service you are looking for. When we talk about listening to online music through your smart phone using one of the most popular applications or apps right now is the connection to this type of online music providers. Right now we must mention some of them to get an idea of what we are talking about.

SiriusXM Internet Radio, Slacker Radio, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal Review. and Google Play Music, we can say that they are the most popular platforms right now if you want to listen to your favorite artists, songs or band using a streaming music service. Apart from listening to music, you can also download your favorite song for a reasonable price if you are a user of a digital platform that offers streaming music service on the internet.

What would be the favorite place to listen to the most popular songs? As I said before, it depends on your budget, but I will focus on several platforms as a comparison mechanism in terms of service, quality, availability, prices, popularity and management of the apps. Among one of the features that most attracts the attention of users of this digital platform that streaming music in the availability of creating playlist in which you will have in one place all your favorite songs of the artist of which you are a fan.

Many of these digital platforms do not offer free service, for which if you are operating with a low budget, you should concentrate on those that offer both services as the case now of spotify. Something no one can deny is that spotify is one of the most popular online applications at this time, and millions of users who use this streaming platform say so.

One of the great positive features of spotify is the ease that gives you to be a free user of this online music service, which allows you to listen to your favorite artists. Clearly! within the limitations that a free service offers in which commercials is part of the experience. As a free user you have the facility to create your own playlist in which you can select your favorite artists, genre of music and songs that you like.

As a lover of good music I have the belief that listening or creating a playlist is the best way to listen to your favorite music online and spotify as a streaming music platform offers you all that. In a playlist you can make a collection of all the songs that are most popular according to The Billboard Hot 100 chart ranks, but you can also create a playlist in which only those tracks that fill your expectations as a music fan are included. With just touching your screen on your smart phone you can be connected to your favorite music without much trouble.

Suppose you are fans of hip hop / rap, reggaeton, trap music, R & B music, pop music, African music, Rock, Jazz, Heavy Metal, and any kind of independent music and do not want to make a playlist, you can use one of the many playlist that spotify offers its users free of charge. Apart from the playlist that spotify offers you also have access to the thousands of playlists created by other spotify users. You work is simply listen to those that have the type of songs and genre that you like most and select that playlist. Playlist which in most cases are being updated weekly or daily by its creator.

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