What is the best platform to distribute and sell your music online?


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Right now there are many platforms in the music market whose function is to distribute, sell and in some cases promote the music of the artists who use these digital platforms to launch a single song or album to the market.

The times of the need for a record company, the importance of DJs in parties or celebrations and radio station announcers as the only vehicles to give your music know has recently changed if you as a new artist want to enter into business.

As new artists in the world of music, how to distribute, sell and promote your music is your first priority. It's something we can not deny! But what is the best music distributor for me? It is an answer that we must analyze carefully despite the many videos on YouTube that speak of the most popular at this time. When you have a company such as CD Baby, Tunecore, Ditto, Distrokid and recently LANDR your budget, scope of distribution and ability to promote your music will determine which one is best for you.

  If you are an artist signed by a music recording company, have your own publicist and a staff that manages all your business as artists, many of these digital platforms do not have much to offer you. On the contrary, if you are an independent artist that has not yet been signed by a music recording company, this type of digital music distribution platform is for you.

When talking about placing your single track or album in the music market, we must accept that the streaming platform is the ideal place for your music to be heard by a wider audience. One of the things that is mandatory for artists is to place their music on Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal and iTunes Store, each of the distributors mentioned above placed your music on this digital platform in online music stores .

Why, CDbaby is the preferred platform for me? One of the things I like most about CDbaby is their experience, quality, facilities and consistency in the work they do when distributing your music in all the online music stores. But also the low cost to distribute a simple song or album and finally this company offers a series of facilities so that you have as artists the opportunity to promote and sell your music online.

CDbaby has a great advantage over other companies that distribute music and more when you are an artist that is new to the music market. One of the things that I like about CDbaby is that they let me know when on YouTube someone is using my music without my permission. As an artist that is part of Cdbaby, I am a fan of the tips they offer on their blog.

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Apart from that they offer different types of accounts depending on what you want to do as artists, when we talk about the lifetime distribution with a single payment, of your songs, but also you can expect this company to help you in the process of Earn more money through the use of the copyright that you have on your work. This company helps you register your songs in many countries other than the United States something that all artists must take into account right now.

We must also understand that a music distributor, although many offer you the tools so that you as artists can promote your music and make money on your online talent is only the first step. You as artists are the ones who must have an advertising strategy on your music through social networks, paying advertising or showing it at concerts and parties.

The music and platform distributors that stream music are like digital stores where your fans can listen to your songs, but those songs will be heard as people know where they are. It is your responsibility to know your music, not the company that distributes or streams music. Which of all music distributors is the best for you? It is a question that can only be answered by analyzing the good and bad or what they offer or not offer each of them.

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